"Exercises for Life" with Tom Beyer

More exercises:

Free Weight Chest Presses On Bench Marching With Bicep Curls V-Tucks Robot Ab Crunch On Ball Pullbacks With Bands
Chest Flys On Bench Squats With Reach Down To Front Raise Canoe Rowing Crossover Crunch On Ball Flys With Bands
Pullovers On Bench Held Squats With Rows Step Or Bench Climbing Canoe Rowing On Ball One Leg Standing Balancing Movement
Pullovers With Raised Legs Side Bend Movement With Weight Lunges With Rear Leg Raises Russian Twists On Ball Big Overhead Arcs
Jogging In Place Towel Exercises Squats With Triceps Raises One Leg Balancing On Ball Disco Dancing
Boxing Motions Burpees Elbow To Knee Lunge Movement Back Extension Stretch On Ball Discus Throwing
Alternating Toe Touches Speed Skating Windshield Wipers Reach Down And Across On Ball
Jumping Jacks Lunges With Elbow To Opposite Knee Big Scissor Kicks With Two Arm Twists Side Lunges: Reach Down And Across
Mountain Climbers On-Elbow Swim Kicks V-Sit Twists Woodchops With Twists